"Once a Month" Introduction

I have been on a journey to notice and see God in my everyday life. 
I accepted Jesus as my Savior as a little girl and my spiritual journey has been fluid on my end swaying between being fully immersed in my relationship with God to feeling stagnant and immobile in my walk.  In my adult life, I was starting to see the busyness of work and life creep into my heart, not leaving room for me to be still and notice the ever-moving, ever-working, living God that continually surrounds me.  
So when my second son was born, I decided to intentionally pause and let myself daily see God's beauty around me As a result, that fire that he lights in our heart was rejuvenated and is steadily growing warmer.  
Then, I read two books that made me stop and think:  Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt  and  7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker. 
Wow.  I need some time to process.  Because these books challenged me evaluate what our culture and society tells us is "necessary" and "normal" in life and what about America's churches is truly Jesus' message and what is not.   It makes me think about what Jesus' message of hope and love really means.  I have been reflecting on what it means to "love your neighbor as yourself."  
I have been specifically asking myself, how much do I actually reach out to those that are truly in need?  We serve in our church, but is that being "living church out there" as our pastor always challenges us each Sunday?  I just have this feeling that I could be a better job of sharing God's love "out there." 
What shows Jesus' love more than "doing?"  What moves me?   Talking the talk or walking the walk?  Seeing people "doing" completely moves me.  It can even make me weepy. 
And now that I am a mother, what do I want to teach my children about how we can live a joyful life and share Jesus and the love and peace he gives with others?  These thoughts have been on my mind for weeks.  I have been sharing them with my husband and we have been brainstorming about what we can do about this as a family. 
We have come up with a mission that we will call "Once a Month."  We are going to try and connect with and serve others that are truly in need once a month as a family.  As I type this, it doesn't seem like enough.  But, I want to set us up for success, because once a week wouldn't happen with our schedules of two working parents and two of our three kids in school and activities.  So "once a month" it is and we are excited about coming up with how we can show Christ's love to others through intentionally serving and giving to those in need. 
We are starting next month.  I feel nervous about this.  Why do I feel nervous?  This doesn't seem like something that should make be nervous?  I guess stepping out of my comfort zone is always nerve-wracking, but I have found that it is often when I learn and grow the most. 
So with some fire in my heart and little bit of nerves, I say, "bring on next month!" 

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