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I felt like my oldest needed some extra attention.  He wasn't demanding it...but his brothers were.  Our sons rotate who is the most demanding and that title had recently belonged to the younger two.  So I wanted to do something that revolved around my oldest.

 He loves art.  He is so proud of his the below hat he made at school. 

 So, we all went to a craft store.  We bought colored paper and spent an hour making die cuts.  It didn't cost much and it was fun for the boys to pick out what colors they wanted to use for their various die cuts.  Then we came home and started painting with glue the pictures onto canvases.  (We already owned the canvases and ha previously painted them with some grey paint leftover from our kitchen remodel.)

 My oldest wouldn't let me take a picture of how his canvas turned out.  He says he needs a few more die cuts from the store before he is done.  I love seeing how artistic he is and what he comes up with.  Discovering what my sons are good at is one of my favorite things about parenting.  
Since my oldest wouldn't let me show his project, I will show my finished die cut craft.  I like the idea of being crafty more than I actually am crafty, so I was somewhat impressed with my end result.  Especially since it cost me under $1.  ( I only bought the lime green chevron paper.  I already owned the canvas, frame and map I used to die cut my two shapes.)

When it was all said and done, I felt a little more connected to my oldest.  Success.

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