Once a Month - October

Month one of our "Once a Month" adventure was suppose to start in November, but a couple of  miracles occurred that made us start in October.   (If you missed our "Once a Month Introduction" click here.) 
First, we arrived at church early enough to sit and look through the bulletin before the service started.   My husband nudged me to look at something that had caught his eye.  There was information on supporting orphans.  "We could start here ," my husband said.  My heart started pumping a little faster with the anticipation of having an actual starting point for our desire to do a better job of being the living church "out there." 
So, instead of ignoring all the tables set up in the foyer like we normally do and hurrying to pick up our 3 year old--who really doesn't care for Sunday School unless we are his teachers, which we are every other week...enough to tease him with us being in his room, but not to give him the assurance that we are always there like he is wanting--we stopped at a table.  Miracle number two.  And we gathered all the info we could about this organization. 
Later at home, we spread the pamphlets out on the floor and dug in.  What could we do to help?  There was a list of 10 ideas. 
"We could pray one son said. 
"We could give money," said our other son.  He then thought for a minute, seemingly wanting to do more and added,  "...and jewels." 
Done.  That's what we are doing.  Minus that jewels because I really only have my wedding ring.  I am not much of a expensive jewelry person and my costume jewelry doesn’t really count. 
It is touching to hear our boys pray for the orphans.  One night during our bedtime prayers, we forgot, so my oldest piped up at the end..."we pray for the orphans too."  
But what is really exciting is that as I am talking about this with my friends, they are telling me about stuff they are doing too.  It is exciting to notice the living church "out there" that is already going on around me and fun to get more ideas to jump into the serving and giving and sharing this Jesus that makes my heart so happy. 
And honestly, this month wasn't much time and not a huge effort, but our small steps have made us feel more connected to those in need. 
We are off to a good start.  I am excited about next month. 

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