my writing club

It all started when I volunteered to be a chaperone for my oldest son's kindergarten field trip.

Another mom and I sat near each other on the noisy bus as it bounced along slowly, giving us plenty of time to talk.

She told me she had written a novel. I liked her instantly.  It was fun to get to know her and she made chaperoning even more enjoyable.

Some days passed and the next time I saw my new novel-writing friend she said a mutual friend of ours had told her, "Cheryl is a really good writer too.  She has had two of her articles published in MomSense Magazine."  My new novel-writing friend asked why I didn't tell her this in our converstation about writing?

I don't know why I didn't.  I guess because since my initial publications, I have unsuccessfully tried to get other articles published.  Also, I was simply in awe of the fact that she wrote an entire novel!

I am glad she asked me about my writing because later when she decided to form a writing club, she asked me to join.

The idea of being a member of a writing club sounded fun and intriguing, but I honestly never thought our group, made up of busy moms, would last.  I thought it would be like the time my neighbor asked me to do P90X with her.  (Ninety for the ninety days it takes to complete the intense exercise program.)  It really became P10X for me, because that is how many days I lasted. 

But, this group has stood the test of time and I absolutely love being a member.  We meet once a month and our time together is always amazing and inspirational.  These ladies are so talented and I am a little bit in awe of how creative and artistic they are.  They are beautiful writers and I can get lost in their stories.  We all write different genres with various writing styles and we learn so much from each other.  We share our hearts and we continually encourage each other in the pursuit of publication.

These ladies enrich my life.

These ladies also remind me that it is okay to dream!

Though my days are filled with laundry, packing school lunches, helping my boys with homework, chasing my youngest around the house, reading stories, working my part time job, fixing dinner, cleaning, wiping away tears and snuggling my boys, in the back of my mind I can still dream big. 

Our writing club has been a gift.  I am blessed by these women.


  1. Oh, Cheryl!! I love this. LOVE. I am printing it out and taping it in my journal to claim my identity as a dreamer. So thankful for you, wonderful woman!