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We are working of redoing our basement right now.  We had a doorway leading to the unfinished part of our basement that was too big for a standard size door.  My husband presented me with two options to fix it: an accordion door (seriously, they still make thank you!) or a barn door (yes, please!)  So he picked up some local barn wood and made this door. 
I feel like the pictures don't do it justice--I love it! 
It adds to much character to a very plain basement.
Here were his steps:
1.  Rough sanded the boards and used a wire brush to clean all the dirt.
2.  Vacuumed the boards, then wiped them down.
3.  He left three boards the original width and then cut the fourth board in to the two end pieces so the door is the correct width.
4.  He added the cross boards to the top and bottom, front side of the door.
5.  The only trim piece added to the back is the one along the bottom.
 6.  He also trimmed the bottom of the very front.
7.  He hung the door using this barn door hardware.    

8.   Because the barn door hardware had a bottom piece that prevents the door from swinging outward that was meant to be drilled into the floor - which did not work on our concrete, carpeted floor - my husband came up with a solution.  He used a metal bracket, washers, and a piece of scrap board to make his own stopper.  (Ignore all the holes in our trim - we are planning on replacing our trim.)
9.  His next step is to take down the door and seal it, now that we know that we like it and it works!

 The door hardware was $89 + shipping and the boards were $61.
I will post pictures when our basement is done!


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