His will

Do you have moments when you reflect over a period of your life and think I have come so far?

When I reflect on the topic of understanding what God's will for my life is, that is how I feel.

I don't have it all figured out; I do not know the entirety of God's will for my life.  But, I feel more at peace with what God's will means to me - that is where I have seen personal growth.

I used to really struggle with the idea of God's will.  This big, looming notion of God's perfect plan caused me stress and anxiety.  I have always wanted to follow God's will but when I stood at the crossroads of a decision and God seemed silent, it was hard to discern what his direction really was.

Four moments gave me greater peace about what God's will means to me.

First, my Dad said to me years ago that God gives us free will and that means that he gives us the ability to choose.  Sometimes there is no wrong choice between two good options.  And God is big enough that he knows what we are going to choose and how he can use our choice for his glory.

Second, over the years God has written this thought on my heart:  If I know who God is and if I use the gifts he has given me and the desires he has placed on my heart to honor him and deepen my relationship with him, then I am moving towards God's will for my life. 

Third, I have seen God divinely intervene and move me in the direction he wants me by opening and closing doors.  Reflecting on moments when I see God's hand builds my faith and makes it easier for me to trust that he will continue to lead.

Fourth, motherhood has given me a better understand of how God might work.  I see how I do my best to shape my children into healthy, happy people -  even when they don't always understand the journey.  I can't help but think that God sees the bigger picture of my life and leads me as his child - even when I don't understand.

So now, when I stand at the crossroads of a decision, I stress way less that I used to.  It doesn't mean I don't stress at all; I still carefully weigh the pro's and con's of big decisions and tentatively put one foot in front of the other as I move forward.  But, I feel much more confident that if I am moving in a direction that honors God, then I am moving towards his will.  And I know that our powerful, personal and intentional God can always intervene and guide me to exactly where he wants me to be.

My personal growth in this area gives my heart peace

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  1. Cheryl, I'm so glad you linked up with New Every Morning. I too have struggled with which option is God's will for my life. It's been quite the journey that is ending up with the same conclusions that you have. My anxious heart really need to read this reminder today. Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. Kelsey, thanks for letting me link up with your blog. I will enjoy continuing to read it!