Once a Month - December

I can't remember what organization the radio commercial was for, but I remember the message very well.  The line, "Remember when you almost gave to...." was repeated ending with the numerous things that move us and we think about giving or doing something about it, but we don't execute. 

That is how I have felt about that World Vision catalog that comes in the mail every Christmas.  I flip through the pages and my heart stirs for the needs of the people in it.  I think, we for sure should give this Christmas.  I then put the catalog away and forget about it.

This year was different.  I wanted our family to give one less Christmas gift to each other so we would have some money left over to buy a gift out of the catalog for those in need.

I explained this to my boys as we paged through the magazine.  Of course, they loved the idea of giving a chicken or a cow or a goat...or something equally as awesome.  I held my younger two's attention for about five minutes, then they bounced around the room in excited anticipation of driving the next morning to Nana and Papa's house for Christmas.  I couldn't really blame them, I was pretty excited too.

But, my oldest carefully pondered what we should choose to give.  He finally settled on the gift of fresh water.

What happened next is what makes me what to continue on this journey of wanting to share this Jesus that makes me so happy through giving and serving more, because I am starting to see the change in myself and my family that I was longing to see.  I want my heart to be softened towards those in need so I execute helping when I can.  I want this change enough that I am blogging about it.  It helps me hold myself accountable. 

As I flipped through the World Vision Catalog, I kept wanting to relook at the section that talked about giving loans for women to start small businesses.  It spoke to my heart.  It reminded me of the wish list of the families that my work gave to.  The mom's always asked for food.  Feeding our family is a desire inherently in all of us as parents.  As we put the magazine away, I kept thinking about how money for a loan to start a small business for a women would feed a family.

So, we gave extra.  We gave water and a small loan to a family.  After we processed our giving on the computer, I turned to my husband and said, "that felt so good."  Because it did.  It was an awesome feeling.  It is what the giving of Christmas is suppose to be all about, sharing the joy of Jesus' birth through meeting needs and giving gifts.

 (If you missed the start of our family journey of giving and serving read here.)

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