celebrating valentines day

Earlier this week, I considered surfing Pinterest for some cute Valentine's decoration and gift ideas - that didn't happen.  Instead, I went to the dollar store and picked up cards and small toys for the boys and decided to skip decorations all together.

Last night, my husband and I playfully argued over who was going to pick up our traditional Valentines breakfast of donuts because we both needed to pick up gifts for each other.  My husband proposed that instead of making our evening busy and stressful, we break tradition and skip gifts this year; I quickly agreed. 

I thought about cleaning the house so it sparkled on Valentines day - but I didn't.

This year, we are not celebrating perfect; we are celebrating real love.

The kind of love that doesn't see the messy house, but the small gifts, cards and donuts for the kids on the table.

The kind of love that doesn't see my husband's hands empty of a Valentines gift, but the man that works hard to support our family, whose hobby is making our home more beautiful and who unconditionally loves me and our boys.

The kind of deep love that sees past imperfections.

The kind of love that is real - and lasts forever.

Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Amen, sister! I like the little moments more on Valentine's Day and find my kids like the smallest little details. That what matters most, right?