Once a Month - January

I kept hearing how amazing working at Feed My Starving Children is.  It seems like everyone around here has helped pack food - except us.

My neighbor knows our family is on a "giving and serving more" journey, so when her church decided to sign up for a slot at Feed My Starving Children, she asked if we wanted to join.  It was an easy, "yes."  (If you missed the start of our journey, read here.)

It. Was. Awesome.

First, there was a small video and introduction that explained how hungry children are and what Feed My Starving Children does to help. The video showed a picture of mud pies that people actually eat!  When the picture flashed on the screen, I thought it was peanut butter.  Tears came to my eyes when it was explained that there is a process to make dirt eatable.  Oh my goodness!

Then we went in to the warehouse and packed food.  When the food was neatly boxed and ready to be shipped, we prayed over it.

It was a wonderful experience for my family.

My oldest son kept saying how awesome packing food was.  My middle was a bored with constantly dumping the vegetables into the packages and ready to go home after about five minutes.  But later, when I was tucking him in to bed he told me he thought Feed My Starving Children was cool.

The experience was cool.  It was even awesome.  We will definitely be doing it again.


  1. I really love reading about your experience. I did my first stint with FMSC here in San Antonio this past year.. this year we are having a city wide event with a goal of 4 MILLION meals to be packed in 6 days by over 20,000 people. It's a wonderful outreach opportunity and a great way to show His light to the community and the world. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Wow. That is amazing. Love FMSC. Thanks for commenting!