our weekend

One of our sons decided he needed special, alone time with his grandparents and called his grandma to talk about.  Just as he hung up, our other son picked up the phone to arrange his alone time.  Then, of course, our three-year-old declared he needed special time with his grandparents too.

So after a few phone calls and discussions, it was neatly arranged that our oldest would spend Friday night with his grandparents, our middle would spend Saturday and our youngest would get his turn on Sunday.

My husband and I decided to let the two boys that are left with us be in charge of the family activity.

So, Friday night, with our middle son in charge, we watched Batman cartoons.  Saturday, with our youngest in charge, we went to the zoo.  (Though, he did decide that he wanted to leave the zoo and go to Chuck-e-Cheese, to which we said, "no."  Then he wanted to buy all sorts of souvenirs at the zoo gift shop, to which we also said, "no."  Then he asked to go to Disney World, which is an obvious, "no."  So when we said they were in charge, we meant within reason...and really, who's idea was it to let a three-year-old be in charge?)  On Sunday, our oldest wanted to go out to lunch.  Thankfully, he picked a restaurant we had a gift card to.  (Probably, because we only gave him a choice between two restaurants - we had gift cards to both.)

It was one of those weekends that without much planning, turned out to be really fun.

So now that our unplanned but awesome all-about-our-kids weekend is over, my husband and I need to convince our boys that they need special sibling and grandparents time without us parents....is it too early to start planning our date?


  1. What a fun weekend! And I agree. Now all the kids need special grandparent and sibling time so mom and dad can have the weekend alone!