paint the sky

I asked my boys if they wanted to watch God paint the sky.

I needed to get out of the house.

We had a busy ten or so days of my husband spending long hours at work and our boys fighting the stomach bug.  About halfway through this time, I decided my no-video-games-and-cartoons-during- the-week rule was dumb, and we flipped on the TV.  I am pretty sure we didn't turn it off for like five days straight. So, in my love-hate relationship with the television, what started off with me loving the television for making my life easier, I began hating the noise and how it seemed to make our time more meaningless.  So, we turned it off.

We picked up shamrock shakes from McDonald's and drove to the frozen lake right by our home. We parked our car and watched the sunset.  It was a little too cloudy and golden rays didn't quite dance across the sky like I have seen in other sunsets, but the boys still loved it.

They were so funny.   All three piled into the front seat and we had a lively conversation about what side airbags did  and the front seat's ability to lean all the way back.

But what I loved most was how the next morning, they paused in their playing to notice how spectacular the sunrise was from our living room window. And later in the day, my three-year-old asked if we could go again to watch God paint the sky. Yes, of course, baby....

Then, a few days later, my youngest snuck down in the early morning to find me sitting at my computer.  He whispered that I should come upstairs and look at the sunset (sunrise).  Priceless.

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