the gift of time

My son's best friend was telling him all about what he was going to do for his birthday, then said he was only going to be able to invite one friend and he was choosing someone else.

My son was so sad.  As his friend went off to do other things, my son found his way on to my lap.  He held back tears as he nestled his face in to my shoulder.

Trying to make him feel better, I bumbled something about no one is ever invited to do everything he is wants to do, and that people always let us down and that we shouldn't care that much about what others think.  It all fell on deaf ears, because I wasn't making any sense and none of what I said was encouraging or age appropriate .

So,  I took time to think.

Later that evening, I tried again.

I told my son that just because he wasn't invited doesn't mean his friend didn't like him.  He just choose someone else to do his special birthday activity with him and that really is okay.  My son might not always choose his best friend to go with him someplace special.  Life will always hold some disappointments, but our value comes from being a children of God and not from what we are invited or not invited to do.  And that if he wants to do something special with his best friend, why don't we invite just him to do something special with us?  It doesn't have to be for his friends birthday, it can be just for fun.

Yes, that was more successful.

It is amazing what time does - it sorts my thoughts and gives me better perspective.  I mean, don't things usually seem better the morning after the storm?

Maybe this is so often why God's reply to my prayers is to wait.  Maybe it's not always about having my prayers answered but about what I learn and who I become in the journey to get there.

Time.  It's a gift.

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  1. Two thoughts just came to mind:

    1. I am so not ready to have these sorts of conversations with my son. I know the time will come and God will give me the wisdom I need, but it's so intimidating!

    2. I have tears in my eyes reading this because the last part of it is exactly what I needed to read today. My husband and I have been in a year long state of waiting and it's so exhausting, but I have to keep clinging to (and slipping and climbing back up to get my grip) the fact that the Lord IS working through this time.

    1. Stephanie, I loved reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing them. I hope and pray you get an answer soon...and that is it worth the wait!

  2. this post is beautiful. I love the notion that maybe this is why sometimes we have to wait - because of what happens during the journey. Brilliant.