to the mom who is often on her own

My week has made me think of how amazing single moms or moms with husbands that work a lot are.

Here's why.

My husband has worked a lot more than normal all week. This is the first time since I have been back working part-time that he has worked this much.  I have been on my own with the boys.

I. Am. Exhausted.

I love being a mom, and I am, in general, a high-energy person.  But this ridiculousness is taking its toll.  I have been juggling everything on my own: getting the kids where they need to be, hosting their friends for play dates, making meals, dishes, cleaning up the house, random need-to-take-care of type of stuff, snacks, homework, packing backpacks, packing lunches, volunteering at the kids program at our church, giving our boys the attention they crave, play time, story time, bath time, bed time....

Let me give you an example of one of our days.  I busted out of my part-time job as early as possible to pick up my youngest from daycare and my boys from school.  One of my son's was having friends over for a video game party after school.  (I real treat since, lately, I have been having us stick to a no video games or cartoons during the week rule.)  I helped my middle son and his friends get set up downstairs.  My youngest wanted to watch his dinosaur show upstairs.  I made everyone popcorn.  I juggled my oldest son and his neighbor friend that kept going back and forth between our house and theirs.  I made dinner.  After everyone went home, we ate.  I cleaned up.  Then we worked on homework.  Then, I did a few house keeping things. We had play time, then baths, then stories and bedtime. I was so tired I crashed with my boys, but repeatedly woke up waiting for my husband to return - I never sleep well until I know he is safely home.

Every minute of my time at home was dominated by my kids.  I was desperately missing my husband by day two.

By day three, I was completely exhausted.

The morning of day five, the stomach bug hit our home, and I had to dig deep for my second wind.

Yet you single moms and moms with husbands that always work that much do this all the time.

Today, I am thinking of you.  I honor you.  You are amazing.

I pray that God gives you extra strength and perseverance today.  I hope you know how strong and incredible you are. I hope when your children are adults they tell you how much they appreciate you.

I think of you all when I am tired and you encourage me to continue preserving in motherhood with joy and gratitude. 

You inspire me.

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  1. I've had the exact same thought lately. And I only have one 13 mo! I can't imagine 3 AND the stomach bug. Bless your heart! I'm sure you were happy to have your husband home!