His kindness in beautiful everyday life...

I felt God in this moment.  I know it sounds weird.  I was hanging out with baby chicks and little boys, but I felt God's presence.
You have to understand that holding baby chicks is a big deal for my boys.  Every year we visit the baby farm animals at the zoo and they look longingly at those fluffy, baby chicks but are never able to hold them.  This spring, my son's daycare incubated eggs and after they hatched, took care of the baby chicks before they went to the farm. 
The boys loved getting a chance to hold them. They held so much affection for those little creatures and talked about how cool holding them was for the rest of the evening.
In the midst of a busy ordinary day, we had a moment when life paused and was filled with my kids laughter and joy.  I wasn't thinking about my job, the laundry, what to fix for dinner or getting my boys to track practice on time. I was completely wrapped up in my kid's joy and I felt blessed and happy.
God is so kind to us.  God reminds of us his kindness in these sweet moments that make up our every day life.
Jeremiah 31:3 says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness."
Yes, God...you have drawn me in with your unfailing, daily display of your kindness.



  1. How fun!! We had baby chicks over and over again while our children were growing up. Your photography is excellent and will preserve your memories. Thanks so much for sharing and bringing back great memories.