Once a Month – May

 In May, one of our pastor's sermon caught our attention. 

He asked us if our church body disappeared instantly, would our community notice?  As a church, do we pay attention to God’s calling of giving and serving those in the community around us?  Does our church reflect God's love and provision in our community?  Do we just talk the talk or do we actually walk the walk?

Our pastor's words stayed on my mind.  And when a local organization called on our church to help meet the needs of foster kids aging out the system and buying them practical household items they will need as they transition to independent level, my heart was stirred.  We decided this is where we will give this month.  (Our family has been on a giving and serving more journey.  If you want to read the start click here.)

But, if I am being totally honest with you, even though I was moved by the message, I didn't really want to give anything at all this month.

Here's why.

We bought an older home that we are slowly renovating.  The bathrooms have always needed to be gutted and redone, but because it is an expensive project we weren’t planning on remodeling them so soon. This month we’ve had some really big issues with our upstairs bathroom that leaked into our downstairs bathroom and it was evident our remodel project needs to start sooner than later.  Ugh.

But, I am moved to focus on this area more in my life...moved enough that I blog to keep myself accountable.  We decided to worry about if it was too little, did a little IKEA shopping with our boys, and gave what we could.

I hope we are teaching our kids to  continue to make giving a priority, even when it is inconvenient. 

I hope more than that...I hope we continue to make giving a priority, even when we don't feel like it...


As a side note - this picture is from a different IKEA trip, but it's one of my favorite pictures.


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