Once a Month - June

This month of giving just cracked me up. 

It reminded me of my 3-year-old's last birthday.  We had put thought and effort into buying him a few nice new toys and then as an afterthought, I also picked up three $1 blow up dinosaurs that stand about a foot high each.  Those blow up dinosaurs was all our son wanted to play with.  He ignored his real presents.

We had similar type of giving experience this June.

June was crazy busy.  Between wrapping up my teaching and my own kid's school and activities, the first two weeks of June were exhausting.  Then we were out of town for over a week visiting my Grandma.  In the midst of the busyness, I never planned a service activity for our family in June. (We are working as a family on giving more.  If you want to know why or more, click here.) 

But, when we on our road trip, waiting for our food at a restaurant, a glass jar on our table caught our attention. A local church was collecting food donations.  God nudged our heart and we gave what we could.  The kids had so much fun stuffing money inside of the jar.  Honestly, in the past I have put way more thought and effort into our month's service/giving activity.  This moment was a like the $1 blow up dinosaurs that my youngest preferred over the gifts I spent time and money one.  The little jar in the middle of our restaurant table was our kids favorite chance to give. They happily talked about helping to feed people in need and joyfully gave.

Two thoughts struck me:
God can always meet us right where we are at...even when we drop the ball and even when we let our life get too busy.

It is okay to keep it simple.  Our kids are just kids.  Simple to them is sometimes preferred.  It is often me that makes things too complicated or too much work. There is much joy in simple.

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