Once a Month - September/October

We have been on a family mission to show God’s love in a more tangible way. (If you want to read about why we started this journey, read HERE.) I didn’t want this to just my husband and I’s idea, I wanted God to work in their hearts and move them to notice ways that they could give to others. This month – or rather two months – we encouraged our kids to listen to their heart and see how God nudged them towards giving, helping, serving, kindness…  God nudged my husband and me to give to a local food pantry. Our oldest son gave up first base during PE because his classmate really wanted to that position. Our youngest son told us with a huge grin on his face, “I was really nice to everyone at daycare.”

I have to talk about our sweet middle son and what an amazing couple of months he has had. Our middle son is all boy. He has a warrior’s heart and best connects with people by taking them down. He is our protector and I love this about him. It is rarer that we get to see his gentle side; the sweet boy who notices others needs and extends his kindness to them. Since this encouragement, I have noticed him serving us more: sharing more with his brothers, helping me around the house…. But what really impressed me was what his teacher told me at conferences. At school, he received a blue ticket (apparently only a few of these are given out) because during partner work time, he said he would work with anyone. A few days later, I found out there was more to the story. My son had volunteered to partner with his down-syndrome classmate. He has befriended this little boy and is excited about playing with him. Oh my goodness. My little warrior has a gentle and kind heart.

This has made me think.

When we invite Jesus into our lives, He promises to live in us. That means all of those wonderful qualities about Jesus that make us want to follow Him live in us.
Those qualities that I desire to be bigger in my life: kindness, gentleness, patience, a positive attitude…they are already in me. I just need to make room for them to grow. Sometimes this is intentional, like our family mission to serve more. Sometimes, it just means making space in my life for doing things that rejuvenate me such as writing, reading, jogging, photography – they all give my brain time to ponder and help me to see God in the everyday beauty that surrounds me.

What an exciting thought: God lives in us and is capable of anything.

I have seen this in our Once a Month journey. I started it longing for my heart to want to give and serve more. I wanted to notice others needs and actually do something about to help when I can. We have been doing this for a year. I blogged about this journey to hold me accountable.

God has changed my heart. This will be my last blog about giving, because my change is real. My thoughts have changed from: Should we give this month? to Where should we give?

God really can change hearts.

May we always be bold enough to do what we need to do to allow Jesus to grow in our lives.


  1. SO beautiful!!! I love your words, thoughts and posts. They encourage me too!! I just got back from Massachusetts yesterday and I have a million things to catch up on, but reading these posts from you calmed my soul and made my heart smile. Thank you!! BIG HUG! :) xoxo

  2. Thank you. Your comments always encourage me. Hope you had a fun trip!