Beautiful souls who get me. 
My writing club. Amazing women who understand my need to have a creative outlet through writing and photography. They understand that I better see how God’s beauty surrounds me through words and pictures and reflection on how Jesus daily shows up in my life.
This group has enriched my life. We are all so different. We have such different personalities and write completely different genres. But our differences create a place where I always learn and receive quality feedback on my writing.  The women believe in me, encourage me, and challenge me.  Every month I look forward to meeting with these wonderful women.
One of my writing club friends needed pictures for a project she is working on.  Of course, I wanted to take them.  Just for fun and as a reminder to myself of how blessed I am to have these women in my life, I posted a few of the pictures I took here.
Good friends.  The people in your life who make you feel smart, funny, connected, understood, and beautifully happy.  Totally priceless.

Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

I recently spoke at MOPS.  My first official Mother of Preschoolers speaking engagement.
I felt led to speak at MOPS and loved every minute of it. I continue to feel led to speak and share my faith journey and how God has come alive to me in my everyday life through motherhood. 
Alongside the strong feeling of being led to do something, often comes a feeling of fear.
Because, what if I cannot do what God has called me to do well enough? God is awesome, so isn’t everything He leads equal to His awesomeness? This thought can immobilize me and make me talk myself out of His leading.
But, doesn’t God sometimes call us to do things that are average or mundane: to get up every day to go to work; to help your kids with their homework; to text someone encouragement; to buy a friend a cup of coffee; to listen to your son tell you why he chose every single Lego he did to make his creation; to assistant-coach your son’s basketball team because they needed someone, even though you got cut from your 6th grade basketball team; to show up daily , even when you don’t feel like it…. 
Awesome is good, but sometimes so is the average, mundane and just okay.  So how come I can hesitate because I fear that what God has called me to do, I might not be able to do awesome enough? God can move through moments that seem mundane and insignificant and simply not amazing.  God is bigger than the idea that everything has to be awesome. 
And how do I know what I am called to do won’t be good enough unless I try?

So fear can crawl back into the shadows. I don't need it.  None of us do.
Let’s be done worrying that we will fall short of what God has called us to do. Let’s not let fear hold us back. Whatever is on our heart – whether it is little or big or tough or easy – let’s listen to God’s leading. 
Let’s let our faith be bigger than our fear.
As a side note: I took this picture of this twisty tree in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Heaven just might look like Colorado.

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fall photography

A transition season. 
My favorite season.
I don't always love change - it can be hard and uncomfortable.
But, fall...
...fall reminds me that change can be beautiful.