Favorite Disney Moments

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover." Mark Twain

In December, we flew down to Florida to experience Walt Disney World for the first time. I am grateful for my husband's family who planned it and insisted we come.  I need fun people in my life who encourage us to get away in the middle of the busiest time of the year for us.  (Not a choice we would have made on our own.) They blessed us with their planning and enthusiasm.  I am sitting here going through the pictures, being reminded of the beautiful moments, so I had to post a few.

I love how excited my boys (and their cousin) were - especially my middle son. 
 He smiled and smiled and could not get enough of it all. 
I love how I was reminded that everything doesn't have to be perfect to have a great time.  We all look so happy in the picture, but my husband is running a fever and I cannot breathe through my nose - I had a terrible head cold and was recovering from three days worth of a fever.  But, still - we had a great time.  The whole family had been so sick for the two weeks before the trip, I was stressed about our illnesses ruining our possibly once-in-a-lifetime trip which had been in the works for years.  Guess what?  Two of us were still sick and we still had so much fun. I love when God reminds me that when He says in the Bible we do not have to worry that...we actually do not have to worry.  
 I loved dancing with my boys.  This is dumb.  Totally dumb, but I am trying to raise my boys to dance.  Because, ladies - don't we love when our men dance with us? We don't care if they are good at it or not, we just love when they get up, wrap their arms around us and dance. 
 I loved the fact that we flew down to Florida, away from all of our piles of snow...to...go...play...in...the...snow. 
My middle son is noticeably absent because of his aversion to Frozen.  (Read more about this here.) Instead, he was watching Iron Man clips on the phone with his Dad, clinging to  his manhood. ( In the photo, I added the snow overlay in Photoshop.  I got it for free here.)
 I loved that I got to see this every morning.  I see God's beauty in moments like this.
 I love that my oldest son stuck like glue to me. For whatever the reason he decided I was it.  He held my hand. He walked with me.  He sat by me. And he wanted me to go on the roller coasters with me. (The big ones - a first time for him)  I soaked it in. I also see God's beauty in moments like this.
 My youngest saw piglet coming and ducked under the table. He then came out sobbing to cling for dear life to his dad. Just a reminder that just because everyone else likes something (Piglet and the popular Disney character lunches) does not mean that you should have to (even if it seems like something you would really like.) Not everything is for everyone and that is okay.
I loved how much this trip connected us all. 
I loved how our youngest took Disney so seriously.  On the bus ride from the airport to our hotel, he sat up straight and intently watched Disney's video outlining the parks rules and information. He had that attitude the whole time, carefully checking his height against the required height signs and sighing with relief when he could join us.  Oh my. So cute.
This guy just makes my heart pitter-patter.  I had a fever when we were packing (he did not yet) so he took over and let me sleep off my chills. It's silly, but moments like that can be my favorite.  They make me feel loved.
And really, does this game ever get old?
Or does hamming it up for the camera ever get old?
And this lovely woman, she turned 40 on our big trip. She is a beautiful 40, isn't she?
This trip was a gift. Getting away is good. And important.  Once we have overcome the stress of packing and getting there - to be able to be away from all our distractions and focus on us as a family...
so worth it.