photography - my nieces

I absolutely love taking pictures of my boys, but - oh my - it is to take pictures of my little nieces. I wanted to take the photos outside, despite the cold, to get better light so I asked my youngest niece to pretend like she was Queen Elsa - you know...because the cold didn't bother her anyway.

It totally worked.  She happily dance around and posed for the camera despite the chilly temperature.

I am not used to Disney, or princesses, or Frozen being a motivator to get my children to do anything.

A few weeks back, we were all in the car and this conversation happened:

Middle Son: No one here better say the F-word.
We all went quiet.  My mind is racing.  How does he know the F-word, he is only in 2nd grade?  If he actually says the real F-word, I don't know what I am going to do.  Oh my goodness, please don't let him say the real F-word. My mind is spinning and I am thinking of what to say next. I finally settle on the obvious.
Me:  What is the F-word?
Middle Son: FROZEN!

The mention of Frozen sends my middle son running, but not my niece. Pretending like she is Queen Elsa gives her so much joy she will dance around in the cold so I can get good photos of her. I love that.

And my older niece had just lost her second front tooth, so was enjoying showing off her new smile.

They are both so cute. I love being an aunt.


  1. LOL!! F-Word!! So funny!!!! Great pics!! Yeah... girly stuff is SO cute & fun! I can see why you enjoyed it so much!!! Happy New Year my friend :) xo