Beautiful Everyday Life

Here was my day.
I got ready for work, then found out my oldest had a fever and sore throat. It was already late, so I quickly requested a sub online to give the school as much notice as possible. I then took all three boys to the high school to get my lesson plans together. This took way longer than I planned, so I was late dropping my middle son off at his school. My youngest was now complaining... that his throat hurt too, so we all went to the Minute Clinic for strep throat tests. During the appointment, I realized I left my wallet at home, so only my oldest son (who was already in the system) could get a strep test. I drove home to get my youngest son's insurance card and couldn't find it. I realized my husband had it at work. I called my husband and he texted me a picture of the card. Hoping that was good enough, I drove back to the Minute Clinic and waited in line again for my youngest to be seen. While waiting for our turn, I picked up my oldest son's prescription (he tested positive for strep) and bought my kids Gatorade to drink. When it was finally my youngest son's turn, the doctor took one look at my son downing his Gatorade and told us the test would not work if he just drank any liquids. (Who knew?) So we had to wait another 15-20 minutes. He tested negative - thank goodness. 
Finally, we drove home. In the car, I took deep breaths and told myself just because my day WAS crazy, didn't mean I had to let myself FEEL like it was crazy. It worked. My heart relaxed and the rest of the day I enjoyed lots of snuggles and hang out time with my littles.
Life is crazy, but life IS GOOD



  1. Love this. So true. The craziness of life can bring us down, but we have to refocus on the good, our blessings and God!!! I agree.

    1. I am constantly refocusing! :) Thanks for the comment. I haven't looked at your blog in a while, I am heading over there now.