Two amazing things about my day:

1. One of my best friends and her family are here visiting us. To sit and talk to someone I have known for so long and who knows me so well...just lovely. Her and her husband have three boys who match up exactly in age with our boys - it is so cool. Good friends who are willing to pack up their whole family and drive to come see us. Priceless. 

2. The amazing Remodelaholic Blog just featured our DIY bathroom remodel in their 12 Inspiring White Projects blog post.  My husband worked so hard on this project, I was beyond excited to say to him: "You know that blog that I love and look at all the time. They featured your bathroom.  YOUR BATHROOM!" He debated about the built in shelf he made, so it was fun to see that highlighted in the post. 
Thank you, Remodelaholic!

I am going to bed tonight with a happy heart. God is good. All the time.


  1. AWESOME!! How cool is that!? Congrat's!!! And yes, a dear friend that knows all about you is just priceless!!! :) A BLESSING FOR SURE! ❤️

  2. And all the time... God is good!
    Great little blog you got going on here ;)