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Sometimes, I can let one critical comment or tough moment overshadow the one million good things about my day. I hate when I do that. Oh, to have the will power to not let words get me down. But, I don't always have that kind of strength. Sometimes positive thinking just ain't' enough and my heart gets buried underneath life's stress. It stinks. Somebody throw me a life line because these feelings of defeat need to set sail.  Like, hours ago.

Thank goodness for photography. Who knew I would love photography so much? Who knew that photography could help conquer discouraging moments and reduce stress? God knew. Just like He knows what moves all of us. He knows what to use in this life here on earth to speak directly to our hearts.  

For me, God knows that looking at my photography and especially playing with my pictures on Photoshop moves me. Playing with light, composition, exposure, and color is therapeutic. As I sort through my pictures - the good ones and even the bad ones - I see Jesus in my life. I see love, hope, joy, family, smiles, laughter, beauty and kindness. God so clearly points out my everyday blessings that I cannot deny His daily presence. The negative thoughts don't always completely go away, but they fade. In the quietness of working on my photography, God gently helps me gain perspective. I feel more gratitude. I love when God uses the ordinary to guide our hearts back home to Him.

I finally have had a chance to play with some of my winter photos. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to add snow to a few on my pictures in Photoshop using  this fabulous tutorial. 

Look at all those beautiful people who my husband and I get to call our children. See ya life's stresses. You can keep coming back for me, but you will never overshadow these blessings. God always wins.

What about you?  What is your stress reliever?


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