Porch Remodel

About 4 1/2 years ago, we redid our porch. I wish I had some before pictures, but I wasn't a blogger then and we just didn't take any. The before was sad. The biggest issue was that the porch had settled on one side, so it was crooked. 

Here is what we did to make this place one of our favorite spaces to hang out:

1.  Raised the sagging side of the porch with a carjack and added supports to make it even.
2.  Reframed the porch and tightened the screens. 
3. Tore off the old roof and put a new one on.
4.  New outdoor carpet.  (To keep the mosquitoes from coming in underneath.)
5.  Paint.  (This is my favorite story. The weekend before we were going to have our youngest son, we weren't quite done with the porch. We still needed to paint and lay the carpet. So, my husband's family came in full force and helped us paint inside and outside of this porch. Painting that ceiling was tedious and it was so hot out. God bless them. I remember being 6 days away from having my baby and wiping down all the wood so it was clean and ready for them to paint. Oh my goodness.  What we do to get things done. But, it was wonderful to sit on that beautiful porch and rock my baby and watch my older two boys play. Such small joys create such defining memories.)

Here is what we did for furniture:
1.  Table - bought off of Craig's list for $40. I put about 10 coats of black paint on it.
2.  The rocker was my husband's grandmas. I painted that as well. (Then rocked her great-grandbaby in her chair. Sniff. Love that.)
2.  The bench is from Target.
3.  The rug we already had. (Target)
4.  I recovered old pillows with new material.
5.  The wicker chairs are from a garage sale. We already had the other two chairs.
6.  The side tables, I got for free from a neighbor who put them at the end of his driveway for anyone to take. A lucky find for me. I painted the bottom part white and sanded and stained the tops. 

Here are some pictures:
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  1. I love it! I love nature, so sitting outside and enjoying it, while screened in is awesome. You can even take a little nap out there, ...that goes back to the "alone mama time" post, ha! I would love this patio every day! Beautiful!!!

  2. Ack! I still remember painting that ceiling!!!! Love how it all turned out, though. :)

  3. This is really the most beautiful screened-in porch I’ve ever seen. What a perfect way to enjoy nature. And it multitasks as an outside breakfast nook, reading room, and sun room. I like the way the roof looks, but I think I would have a professional check that out. There’s nothing like free labor though, especially when the in-laws are involved.

    Lynn Williamson @ DAL Builders

  4. I envy those with a porch like this. Re-using what you have and fixing up old pieces is a great way to save money. We had a similar enclosed porch on our old house that we finally decided to carpet. It looked fantastic and like new, but it was a pretty hard job.

    Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes

  5. I think that the porch is one of the most important parts of your home. There are so many beautiful things that you can do to your porch. There are great decorations as well that can accentuate the beauty of your porch. This is a great way to also raise the value of your home when you remodel your porch.

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