You are Inspirational - My Guest Post on Moms Magazine

I love reading a good blog post, a good book, hearing an inspirational speech or watching an inspiring movie.

But most often those moments pass and I forget what I learned or what moved my heart.
Inspiration that sticks with me is what – or who – I see daily.

Like, my mom friend who meets me each week at the pool. We sit with our feet dangling in the water, admiring how much our kids have improved at swimming. We chat and laugh and declare each other the funniest people ever. Because we are.

Or the mom I sit with as we watch our sons play football. When my son gets hit in the face with a football and is weepy the rest of practice, she empathizes with me as I debate if I should pull him off the field or let him tough it out.

The mom who shares her real thoughts with me. Things that are hard about life... read the rest, it would be my honor if you would check out my post over on Moms Magazine.


  1. I read what you wrote on the other site and love it!!! You're awesome!! Such a blessing!! xoxi