Happy Mother's Day

You are a mom.
You give every day. You put others needs before your own. You love deeply. You teach. You referee. You mentor. You are creative, resourceful and strong. You freely give grace. There is no one else in your family’s life like you. Your importance is unique. Your influence impactful. You are a safe place. Your hugs heal. Your words encourage. Your support gives confidence. Your wisdom gives guidance. The impact your love has on your family is immeasurable. You shape the next generation and little by little, help change the world.

Today…no matter what stage in motherhood you are in (small children to adult children), I hope you know how loved and cherished and important you are.

 Today…I hope you soak in the celebration of YOU.

Because, moms are a gift.

And moms make the world a better place.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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