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My sister and I have had a version of this conversation a few times:
Me: I miss when my kids were really little. I miss cuddling an infant, the cuteness of a toddler...I miss their smallness.
Sister: I think that too. (Thoughtful pause.) But, I also think that someday I will look back and miss the age my kids are at right now.
My sister speaks TRUTH.
Someday I will miss watching my kids run through the sprinklers, take over the street with the neighborhood kids, zoom around on their bikes with their swords tucked into the back of their shirts (because one should be prepared for danger at all times), chase each other just for the fun of it, and carefully construct Legos as if they are performing heart surgery. Every day I get to look into the beautiful faces of my children and be reminded of how lucky I am to be a mom.
This summer, my biggest goal is to enjoy the now. Not wish for the past, long for the future, but enjoy the little moments that make the present so sweet.
I have been itching to do some photography. I wanted my pictures to capture the beauty in everyday living. I usually keep my camera on my fireplace mantel so I can quickly grab a shot before the moment passes. (And because a quick photo here or there goes over much better with my boys than a big photography session.)

I can't always get the look I am wanting in Photoshop, but I am happy  with how these pictures turned out. I found a new set of actions that I love from Shutter Pulse. A couple of blog posts back I mentioned that I had downloaded their free set of 20 actions. I found myself using these free actions more and more.  Shutter Pulse then offers $10 off their packages through their emails, so it is $29 for their set of 300 actions. I have yet to find a package so big for so cheap and since I was loving their free actions, I got a little crazy and bought the whole package.  It was worth it. The vintage actions are my favorite. If you are looking for a great deal and a quick way to edit, this is a great route to go. (I have yet to do any advertising on my blog, so this is just one mama photographer sharing a great find. If you have any photography advice for me, I will gladly take it as well!) 

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