Bedroom Remodel

We finished our bedroom remodel! Details at the bottom of the post.

What we did:
1. We ripped up the carpet and found there were wood floors! Yay! We rented a sander and sanded the main part of the floor. It took about three times going over the floor (three evenings) to get it sanded enough. There was about 3-4 inches around the edge of the floor that the big sander could not get. We started sanding with our hand-held sanders, but they were just too small. So, we bought an edger floor sander for around $50 and it was well worth it.  Once the floors were sanded, we stained them the dark color.
2. New trim and edging around the closet doors and windows. (We painted it all white.)
3. New closet doors and pulls.
4. The dressers were $15 total from a garage sale. I first painted them black and I did like that, but decided the room needed more color. So, I repainted them bright blue. Then, I looked at my freshly painted pieces, hesitated for about 2 seconds, then started sanding off the paint. I love how the black peeks through.
5. The curtains are from Target.
6. The white bedspread we got a few years back from JC Penney.
7. The carpet I ordered from
8. We painted the walls grey.
9. The chest at the foot of the bed I painted black.

It feels good to have it done. Now, if only we kept the room this neat and tidy all the time...;)


  1. It looks beautiful Cheryl! I can't wait to see it!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait for you to come visit!:)

  2. Very nice! I'll be glad when we get to do more reno stuff in our house. We have some ideas and visions, just need to get to them. :)