Well, This is New

Back when I only had one baby, I had met my sister-in-law and two of her kids (older-elementary-school-age) at the pool. I was holding my infant and my sister-in-law was relaxing on one of those floating pool loungers. I was a new mom, filled with the wonder and joy of having an infant, but also shocked by the lack of sleep I was getting. I walked around in a permanent state of brain fog. Noticing the dark circles under my eyes, my sister-in-law was assuring me that as the kids grow, life gets easier. But as we tried to talk, her kids would not leave her alone. They were splashing her, swimming under her floater and trying to dunk her, hugging her just to get her wet, laughing, smiling – honestly, they were having so much fun you would have thought they were at Disney. I was thinking that does not look easier. Yes I was tired, but my infant was snuggling me and lightly splashing in the pool as my sister-in-law’s son did a giant cannon ball with the sole purpose of drenching her. The kids’ entertainment was 100% trying to bug their mom as much as possible and I was a little in awe of it. I was struck by how much my nephew and niece loved getting and holding their mom’s attention.

I think I have reached that point in motherhood with my two older sons. They find such joy in antagonizing me. They have discovered photo bombing, which because I love photography makes it not fun for me and even more fun for them. (Hence this photo where you can’t see my face because of my son’s blurry face. I know it was a dumb photo to begin with, but it didn’t even have a chance to potentially be good because it was photo bombed!) As I was taking photos for another family at a park, one son was putting the snake skin he found on me. (Nothing like creeping me out while I am trying to be serious.) If I sit at the edge of the pool, they are pulling me in. If I sit on the ground, they are climbing on my shoulders. (My oldest has gotten so tall. Really, he thinks he can sit on my shoulders without crushing me?) They ask for sips of my coffee, not because they like coffee – they just want to drink my drink. When they were playing an outdoor game with their cousins involving shaving cream, I somehow I ended up also covered in the white, foamy stuff. My son spilt ice cream on his shirt, ignored the napkin in front of him and instead wiped it on my arm.

For the love. What is up with my older two kids?
I think our family has officially reached the older-elementary-school-age-when-bugging-mom-is-fun-entertainment stage. This is new territory for me.
But really, who am I kidding – I might not love the snake skin or shaving cream in my hair, but oh my goodness, I totally love the attention from them. And besides, just like all the other stages of parenting, this will also pass way too quickly. Before I know it, they will be in the stage when their friends are more important, they are involved in lots of activities, out late and are too busy to hang out with their mom. Then I will look at this photo bombed picture and bawl like a baby.

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