Sweet Babies, You get to Help Mama Clean...

Teaching my boys one way to a woman's heart...;) 
Life skills, right?
I have to share something that is working for our family.
See this fabulous chore-chart/incentive-program/how-my-kids-earn-their-allowance thingy?

I think it is working. 

Usually, I just pin crafty ideas from Pinterest with no intention of actually doing them. (Which one of my friend's assures me is pretty good. She says she just listens to me talk about what I pinned on Pinterest with no intention of actually doing any of the ideas. Love.) But this I saw and thought it would motivate my kids to do their chores with a more cheerful heart and make my life easier. (Really love.)

It took me about ten minutes to make. I already had the chalk board. I stapled some twine across it, printed out the chores I wanted done and glued them to the clothes pins, and then added the money.

Now let me get one thing straight: my kids are not paid for every little thing they do around our house. They have to clean their room and help with the dishes as their expected contribution to being a part of our family. But once a week, we clean the house as a family and they get paid for the chores they do. Then, if they go above and beyond on another ordinary chore, or notice something and clean it without being asked, they can get $1 for that too. On average, they earn about $4-$5 a week.

I love it because it more accurately represents how earning money in the real world works. (I am not in favor of just giving kids money for simply existing. I mean, don't get me wrong - these little people I love so much they take my breath away. But still, when it comes to money...they need to learn reality or it's just going to be tough for them as young adults.) I also like that they can see the clear expectations we have for them. And if they are saving up for something they want, they can decide if they want to work harder and earn more money. It's nice that they can immediately pay themselves and experience that satisfaction you get when you earn your income. (We all remember getting our first paycheck? It was a little bit intoxicating, right? I was definitely ready for my next pay check, and my next one...)

This is all my attempt to instill a work ethic in these sweet babies at a young age. I think it is working... (Fingers crossed.)


  1. Love this idea. Wish someone would have come up with it when our kids were little. Of course, way back then, those dollars would probably have been quarters!