The other night, I sat on the floor with my computer on the coffee table, editing family picture. Then – get this – my oldest son wandered over, sat behind me on the couch, and started playing with my hair. (Ahhhh!) He never does that. Take his brothers down? Yes. Gently run his fingers through his mom’s hair? No. So I tried to act all chill while freaking out inside. This kid is almost a tween. This might never happen again. I knew I could ruin it all with one you-are-such-a-sweet-boy comment, so I sat as still and nonchalantly as possible. And then I had a moment. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. I happily worked on a favorite hobby; my blessings smiled back at me from my computer screen. My oldest played with my hair. (Seriously, I can't get over it.) My husband relaxed and watched basketball. (His version of heaven.) Our other two boys giggled and played. Nicely, together. (Did I forget to mention that key fact?) The room came alive with joy and love and contentment. It hung thick in the air. It dominated. My heart swelled and I didn't want to blink. How did I get so lucky to be sitting right here, right now in the middle of all this love? This must be what people mean when they say they see the fingerprints of God.
I learned how to add rain on Photoshop from this awesome tutorial.

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