The Coolest Operation Christmas Child Video

We filled Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes the other day. After we packed markers, notebooks, toothbrushes, toys…etc…each box had a little room left. I got all excited and was like, “Yay, boys – how fun would it be to fit a few more things into these boxes! Let’s dig through your excessive amount of toys and pick out some that are done playing with but are still nice!” (Cue let down music.) Apparently, they still play with all of their toys at all times and couldn’t part with any of them. Even the neglected ones. (Boys 1, Mom 0)
Then, I came across this video. That reaction? Wow. Just, wow. Someone hand me a kleenex. 
So, I showed this to my boys. It moved them too. They immediately went downstairs and came up with an impressive amount of toys to top off the boxes. 
God, thank you for stirring my boys’ hearts on this one. (Boys 0, God 1) 

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