What Moment Will Today Bring?

Six days ago, it was when my friend taught me how to crochet a star ornament. Previously, I had crocheted a hat for my then baby that instead fit my head. Then, I tried to crochet myself slippers, except the opening nicely allowed only three of my toes in. But the fun little star ornament, it turned out great.
Five days ago, it was when I saw the reply text from a friend. “Cheryl, you’re hilarious!” (Laughing hysterically emojie faces.) My thoughts: No, I’m not that funny. Well...actually what I texted her was pretty funny. (I laugh thinking about what I said.) Okay, I AM a little funny. Maybe taking a compliment doesn’t ALWAYS have to be hard. I’m claiming this one.
Four days ago, it happened when I pulled into my driveway. From my car, I saw my son watching out the front window for me. I had just been thinking: This day has conquered me. I need a hot cup of tea, a hallmark show, and for sleep to find me right now. But then there was my sweet son waiting for me to come home. I walked through the door right into his embrace.
Three days ago, it was when I found out a student I spent much time tutoring did well on his test. And then my dear writer friend emailed that she officially has an agent to represent her book.
Two days ago, it was watching my two older sons’ basketball games. Solid dribbling, passing and shots GOING IN…wow, all the kiddos have improved since the beginning. And they’re having fun. So cool to watch.
Yesterday, it was when my husband got up early and cooked us a warm breakfast.

Happiness. Joy. Moments that make me think: I am so glad I am right here, right now to experience THIS.
Every day we have them. Maybe only a few or perhaps too many to count, but every day there is SOMETHING to make us smile.
So right now, as I sit here in the early hours of my morning me-time, I am wondering: What joy will this day bring?
Today, I'm going to look for it. And when the moment of joy comes I am going to slow my racing mind, ignore my daily to-do list and just LEAN IN AND BE THERE.
Wanna join me?
I took this picture at a beautiful California beach.

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