All Roads Lead to Summer

This past Friday morning my 3rd grade son factually stated he was sick and couldn’t go to school. He took his own temperature, sighed in exasperation then crawled back into bed declaring he was done. (“My fever is 89.1 degrees, mom!”) Then my preschool age son - who slept in his swimsuit because summer is so near - had a strong aversion to putting real clothes on. Next, my fourth grade son insisted I read to him. (Which I did – he knows how to pull my heartstrings.) It was a book about volcanoes and magma and tectonic plates where the number of words grew and the pages expanded with each turn and since he CAN READ himself, I couldn’t summarize it. And that was only Stall Tactics #1-3. We were on Stall Tactic #1,000,000 by the time we actually got ourselves out the door, running late – of course. Friday morning was like herding cats. But this Tuesday after Memorial Day morning…it will be different. My kids haven’t completely forgotten school exists after the lovely, long weekend filled with friends and family. My sweet boys will pop out of bed, see the beckoning sunlight and declare, “Mom…let’s hurry and get to school! We can’t wait to be inside!” Yup. That’s how it’s going to play out. A smooth, seamless beginning to our day. I’m all full of summer-is-within-reach optimism, so let’s do this. Let’s get today started. #AllRoadsLeadToSummer  #Motherhood #NeverADullMoment #LifeIsGood

End of School Year Thoughts for Moms

Hey moms, we’re ALMOST done! School is almost over, and this is how I feel about it.

Just a handful of lunches still to make. (And a handful of times to unpack the returned lunchbox and see your child took one bite of the yogurt cup, two bites of the sandwich, ignored the carrots, yet devoured every last morsel of the cookie.) Just a few more days of “Mom, I need – insert some item you currently do not have – for school today.” (It’s 8:10; you leave at 8:20.) Almost done trying to fit things like a dentist appointment into an already full week. I can’t wait for the reduction in my “go to” phrases: “can I look at your school folder;” “did you do your homework;” and “we need to be out the door right now.” Don’t read me wrong, we’re all grateful for education. We love our schools and teachers, but holy hectic schedule – we all need a break.
Moms, that blessed gift is almost here.
Sweet summer.
Reduced commitments and a slower pace, more time to pause and breathe in life and blessings and all the people we love so much. Unhurried moments to enjoy our children while they are still in our homes, these sacred years disappear so quickly. (My oldest is one school year away from middle school. How can that even be?) Space for our favorite things: swimming pools, good books, bike rides, gardens, evening bonfires, camping, road trips, leisurely morning snuggles, relaxed conversations, ice cream on the porch, and sunshine…so much sunshine.
And it’s just around the corner.
So we can do this, moms – finish strong.  Or just finish.  All roads lead to summer!

Grateful for Ordinary

I wonder if the woman who handed me coffee this morning with her enthusiastic good-morning-and-happy-to-see-you greeting realized I drove away with a big smile on my face because of her. Her delivery was masterful. Thank you, lovely woman. You passed me steamy deliciousness and some of your energy, as well. I needed that today. I wonder how often we think that we are just doing us – ordinary us – and that doesn’t matter so much.  And yet other people – like me today – are so grateful for our ordinary.

To Moms on Mother's Day

Happy Women-with-Super-Powers Day! (Also known as Mother’s Day!)

I’m so grateful for my mom, grandmothers, and mother-in-law. I won’t get started on how amazing they are and the immeasurable impact they’ve made and continue to make on my life. Because that would lead me to also gush about my mom-friends and other-mom-family-members and how much I admire them. Then, I would go on about acquaintances, or women I don't know but follow on social media, or have read their books, or heard their stories, and how much I learn from them or how they move me.

So instead, let me just say this…

To all moms – know what a gift you are! Every day you love generously and give unselfishly. Your words guide, encourage and build confidence. Your resourcefulness problem solves. Your arms comfort and kisses heal. Your genuineness creates a safe place. Your actions teach. Your talents inspire. You are strong, creative and wise. Every day you make an impact. You wear your cape well. Know how cherished and loved you are. You are a superhero and you make EVERYWHERE a better place!