Photography - The Beach {THAT PLACE for us.}

Everyone needs THAT PLACE. Mine can be a few minutes of sitting underneath the evening sky. (Often, simply on my front porch step.) The forever expanse of stars reminds me: God is so big. The beauty: God is good. Obstacles seem a tad bit lower, hope brighter and I feel myself exhale. I'm drawn in by creation to be in awe of the Creator. The beach does that for me too. Getting here can be so #TheStuggleIsReal, but look at us once we've made it: two playing, one trying to hold the heart overflows. 
Where's THAT PLACE for you?
Pictures taken with my phone and edited on Photoshop. (Specifically, a few swimmers out of the background. I'm telling you photo editing software is a mom's best friend. It's impossible to get the same picture twice of our moving targets so good enough works; editing can do the rest. Bless you Photoshop.)


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'd love to learn Photoshop for actual photos lol

    Its so important to have a PLACE. Sometimes that place can be just looking up and out, whether inside or out. Sometimes that place can be a comfortable nap. Sometimes it can be hiking. PLACE can be so varied, which I think is one of the good things about them. :)