Photography - Summer Tip

Our family is soaking in the tail end of summer. (Or more like clinging to its leg in complete denial it's almost over. We are summer people.) So thought I'd give a photography tip as we all capture the last of these warm rays. When you look at a shot, focus on what is captivating about the scene.

Here's what I mean:
1.  In the first picture, we were at an ordinary park, next to an ordinary baseball field, but then THE SKY! Gorgeous. My son was swinging, so I got below him and shot up.  (Taken on my cell phone.)

2.  I didn't want the house and messy yard in the photo. The beauty of this moment was the water and my kid's smile, so I zoomed in and that’s all you see.

3. The lovely is in the scenery.  (Heaven FOR SURE has mountains!)  But, the stand and smile at me photo (which I have) didn't do the trick. My son leaping over all the streams better captured the delight and beauty of the moment. So, I zoomed out - the scenery is the focal point and my son furniture in the shot.

Or just put down your camera and enjoy the moment before it melts away with the last popsicle of summer. That works too!

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