Mama, Take Care of You

I sent these boys off to school  and have spent my day off work methodically, yet slowly catching up on life. I've switched loads of laundry and baked. Now, I'm sitting down to write and rest.

Last year, I was over-committed. With every new responsibility I precariously stacked on my plate, I lost a little of my sanity. I chased the elusive perfectionism...then reminded myself to stop...briefly did...then picked up the chase again. 

This year, I'm remembering how important it is to take care of yourself and rest. 

Recently, my husband shared this article with me. As I read about this college football coach, I saw a piece of myself in his story. My personal takeaway was: The frantic chase of perfectionism negatively affects your health. By the end of the read, I felt even more determined to include regular rest into my life this year. 

No matter what season you are in, I hope you are brave enough in this do-more culture, to rest as well. 


  1. It can be so so hard to remember to rest as Mothers. There's always a seemingly endless list of somethings to do, whether for ourselves or our families, that somehow rest is forgotten. What a great reminder! And I certainly hope you'll keep resting :)