Let's Make a Pact About Today

Hey guys, can we do something together today? Let’s decide – no matter what – we’re going to be conquerors today. We’re all making a pact right now to have a fantastic day.

Uncooperative little ones? Nope, I’m cool as a cucumber…you’re not messing up my mojo.
Grumpy human beings? Uhm, no thanks, I’m responding with love.
Challenges at work? No problem. Okay maybe kind of a problem – but still, I got this.

Then at some point, take a few minutes, pause and soak in these truths:
I’m so blessed to be the mama to these little miracles.
I’m so grateful for these amazing relationships in my life.
I’m so glad for my talents and my opportunities.

Because we’re all loved. Our families love us. Our friends love us. And the God of the universe looks at us and says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made, beautiful one.”

Today, let’s live loved.

Photography - Hawaii

We just got back from Hawaii.

The last time I was there my mom, 4-year-old brother, and 3-year-old self were flying to join my dad stationed in Korea. The second leg of our flight took off from Hawaii and thirty minutes in, a loud bang announced an engine had blown. Now flying on only one engine, it took an hour for the plane to dump 20,000 lbs of fuel to be light enough to safely land. Attendants scurried about hurriedly tucking pillows among all the passengers. The plane finally set back down in Hawaii with a jolting thud, unleashing the overhead compartments.

Thankfully – so very thankfully – that story did not repeat itself this time.

This was a trip of a lifetime for us. We celebrated my mother-in-law’s retirement. (Well, sorta. She’s a little uncommitted about this and keeps using the word “pseudo-retirement.”) Anyway, Hawaii when she retires has been on her bucket list and in the works for about twenty years. It felt great to be there with her.

I thought I’d share a few pictures of our vacation from the first two days. Hawaii, people I love, great weather and my camera…I could hardly contain myself. I told my family if they wanted the paparazzi to go away, just let me know. They didn't. 

Which was awesome, because I was just getting warmed up... 

The Best Moments In Life Are Free

My favorite moments from the previous week:

1.  We moved and my parents road-tripped up. Their help was great, but I enjoyed their presence more. Transitions (even good transitions) can be hard for me; I liked that they were simply HERE for this big change.

2.  My constantly-on-the-go middle son, who doesn’t need his mom to read to him anymore, took notice of his little brother and I paging through a book. He paused his kinetic energy and lingered as the words unfolded. Then, he sweetly snuggled next to me, rested his head on my shoulder and listened to the end of the story. (Melt.)

3.  My husband and I had a moment. It’d been a weary month full of uncertainty, stress and change. We had just signed the papers to sell our old house and buy a new house and we exchanged a simple smile. It said: “We did it. We got through this turbulent month. We weren’t always at our best, but we got through. Together. Well done.”

The best moments in life really are for free.