Let's Make a Pact About Today

Hey guys, can we do something together today? Let’s decide – no matter what – we’re going to be conquerors today. We’re all making a pact right now to have a fantastic day.

Uncooperative little ones? Nope, I’m cool as a cucumber…you’re not messing up my mojo.
Grumpy human beings? Uhm, no thanks, I’m responding with love.
Challenges at work? No problem. Okay maybe kind of a problem – but still, I got this.

Then at some point, take a few minutes, pause and soak in these truths:
I’m so blessed to be the mama to these little miracles.
I’m so grateful for these amazing relationships in my life.
I’m so glad for my talents and my opportunities.

Because we’re all loved. Our families love us. Our friends love us. And the God of the universe looks at us and says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made, beautiful one.”

Today, let’s live loved.

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