Photography - A Convenient, Eye-Pleasing Background

One of my favorite things in all of life is a good family photo.

Thanksgiving can be a perfect day to try and get that. You’re already dressed up. You're meeting family and friends, so readily have someone to take the picture. And everyone’s happy because turkey and pumpkin pie does that to people.

You do need a good background, but that might not be as hard to find as you think. That bustling business with its packed parking lot you tend to daily drive by and ignore? Once the cars have cleared, it can become a fabulous simple, modern background. These pictures are taken in such a place.

Then, it's fun to do a quick edit to enhance the photo. I love black-and-white shots. On my phone, I use the VSCO app to create the effect. On Photoshop, I use Shutter Pulse Actions. For the color shots, I didn't run any actions, simply increased both the brightness and contrast. (This can be done with any editing software.) 

Also, I must add, I’ve given up on long photography sessions with my family. They max out at fifteen/twenty minutes, so we just go with that. I usually get at least one photo I like. So, I’m happy with that…

…and if not…well, there’s always the pumpkin pie…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


  1. Great shots! I use VSCO on my phone, too. It's good. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! :)