Photography - Hawaiian Beach

One thing I noticed about the Hawaiian beach we were on: Contrary to your inner dialogue and opposite of what advertisers want us to believe, NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE IN A SWIM SUIT. Everyone is too busy enjoying themselves. I came up with this theory: When there's breathtaking scenery and a relaxed environment, cellulite becomes invisible. No amping, I speak truth. Feel free to test my theory. Tell your husband he needs to take you to Hawaii. Or grab your girlfriends and head for the shore. For the sake of research. 

In this round of Hawaii photos, I wanted to capture the complexity yet simplicity of the water. The people in these photos are more props while the star of the show is the beauty of water. The turtle photo doesn't really count, but he sure looks good tucked in the water shots, doesn't he? Also, the picture of the kids throwing food into the ocean was at the fabulous Restuarant 604. When the kids were done eating, the waiter told them to grab their leftovers and feed the  fish. Our kids were smitten with the place, and at least I felt like the broccoli didn't go to waste. (Just kidding, we didn't even get as far as ordering veggies. Fries, please. I can't worry about everything when we're on vacation.) 

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