Sadness Over Change {And The Good Stuff It Means}

I thought it'd be fun to post pictures of our home we sold. So many big life moments happened there: birth of our last son, two babies lost (miscarriages), a season of being a stay-at-home-mom, success in our careers, a job loss, birthdays, holidays, raising kids, and lots of DIY projects as we flipped that home...oh goodness, how did we close the chaper already? I had myself a good cry about leaving our sweet space. (And our beloved neighbors.) But I think when we feel deeply sad about a transition, it means we really lived, learned so much, overcame, loved each other, and overall enjoyed the season before. Ultimately, that is a good thing. So I'm taking a moment to cherish, then eyes forward. [I'm also posting these pictures because then I can look back and remember my house as clean. Because if you post it online as clean, then your home always was clean, right?!?! ;) ]

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