Photography Tips

I'm sharing  ideas of how to capture the everyday lovely in your life. Try these kind of shots:

1. Silloutte pictures. 

2. Zoom in on one object in the shot. (And not necessarily the object you would think to highlight.)

3. Set your camera on the table or ground (or log). 

4. Capture motion. They're never still anyway, so embrace the movement.

And lastly, lower your expectations. I gave up on trying to control every aspect of the shot. If I just try and be creative with photographing what's in front of me, I usually end up with at least one shot I like. And if not, I can try again another time. 

PS - This is updated version of the camera and lens I use. It took me a long time to decide to spend that kind of money on my hobby, but I'm glad I did. Fantastic purchase.

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