Why You Should Persevere

My son’s basketball team doesn't win a ton. The whistle blows, shoes squeak, bounces echo and then the scoreboard ruins us. But GET OUT OF TOWN, at the last tournament, his team won three games in a row to claim overall second place. Even though going into the tournament they'd had some frustrating final scores - they knew to keep squaring up their shots, rebounding, and playing solid defense. So that's what they did. And their perseverance paid off.

What's going on in your life? Anything you need to persevere through?

For me, yesterday went awry and ended with disappointing news about something I desperately wanted to work out. But, I’d been there before and let negativity stronghold my thoughts for way too long. I knew in the morning, it would all seem more hopeful. I just needed to persevere through the evening. So I hung out with my family (my happy place), watched laugh-out-loud shows, read an inspirational book, snuck in some alone time for prayer and scripture, scheduled good friends to come over (something to look forward to)...I didn't give my mind a chance to spin downward. See like my son and his team, I knew the motions to go through, I just needed to perservere.

Did you just get boxed out? Are you on your last fumes? You got this. Persevere. Keep 
working on ball handling and jump shots. Listen to your gut. Find resources and brainstorm solutions. Tell people what you need, pass the ball as you surround yourself with encouragement. Seek inspiration. Invite the Creator’s voice into your life. Take time to think and process. Practice faith and take baby steps. 

You got this, friend.

Keep going.


At some point, you’ll look up at the scoreboard and see that you’re ahead.

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