Photography - April Fools Day!

6yo: Mom, are you ready for April Fools Day? Do you have all of our presents? 
Me: Are you serious or joking?
6yo: Serious. You have gifts for us right?
Me: No. That's Christmas. And your birthday. April Fools Day is when you play jokes on each other.
6yo: Ohhh... (Light bulbs clicking in his head.)

Then there were lots of jokes played all day long. Mainly things hidden:
"Mom, I can't find my piggy bank!" APRIL FOOLS!
"Dad, someone stole your guitars!" APRIL FOOLS!
"Mom, I can't find my stuffed animal!" APRIL FOOLS!
About 3:00, my 6yo asked, "Is it still April Fools Day?" *Yes.* "Oh good!" (Lots more things to hide!)

But today, our long, lovely spring break is over and we are back to the grind. Schedules to obey. I wish my 6yo would shout out "April Fools!" But, here we to busyness... Happy Tuesday everyone! (And belated April Fools Day.)

PS - I've been playing with photos.(Oh the joy!) Notice, I posted pictures of my kids when they were babes. No one says you have to edit/print/photobook all your photos in a timely fashion. I very much enjoyed playing with photos from years before remembering how cute their toddler/baby stage was. Moms, just keep taking photos. You'll come back to them someday and they'll make your heart glow. 
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