A New Beginning Always Starts With An End

On mother’s day, I saw this post from a sweet friend and it moved me. With her permission, I'm sharing it with you:
“Amara was just a few months old in this pic, little chub. 20 years old - I was thinking my life was over for having a baby. That makes me laugh just typing it - she ended up being the best thing to ever happen to us! Jordan and I had no idea the ride we were in for, but it's been a good one! God puts us through experiences and challenges for good reason. It's funny - now almost 8 years later, I can't imagine my life without my Lil’ Mama. She's my purpose, my why, and the best friend I never knew I needed! It also makes me appreciate my mom even more...” (Then she goes on to wish everyone a happy mother's day…)
Nicolle just turned 20 when she found out she was pregnant. She felt a loss of freedom, life-style, being in the same season as her friends, and feelings of "approval." It was an end she didn't want. And yet – her daughter as she put it, “gave her the greatest job in the world and didn’t even know it.”

Funny how we can cling so tightly to the past, not realizing blessings beyond our wildest imagination are just around the corner.

Honor the past, enjoy the memories, be grateful for the experiences - but then, look forward.

If things never ended, we’d never get these kind of wonderful new beginnings.

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