Look Stylish and Keep Up with Your Kids

Are you also in the phase of life where everyone else (kids, mortgage, car, Target...) takes ALL YOUR MONEY? (Help us, Dave Ramsay.) That's our current season. This fact has shaped how my husband and I exchange Christmas gifts.

We've decided...We buy our own presents.

It's fun to have an excuse to spend some money on something we want. (Because, kids, mortgage, car, Target...) But we can't bring ourselves to buy each other something, just to buy something. Even if we 80% like the gift, it's still not enough. We have to be ALL IN or we don't want one more thing we don't love cluttering our house. So we look forward to sitting side-by-side on our laptops shopping for OURSELVES. (Quality date night.)

A few years ago I discovered yoga pants. Sweet, sweet yoga pants. Now, I've heard some criticism of "leggings as pants," but whatever people, you not trying to keep up with my three kinetic-energy-driven sons. I move quicker in my yoga pants. I'm like Flash. But this Flash wants to look cute, so a comfy but stylish mom t-shirt
 is what my family "got me" for Christmas.

Photo by Redd Angelo on Unsplash

I ordered the top-left shirt below, but it was hard to choose. Click on the link to see a clearer picture. You'll also see a price that will allow you to purchase the shirt and still have money to spend on the materials your kid needs for his science project, due tomorrow. (Affiliate links.)





When it comes to accent jewelry, I've fallen in love with the beautiful companies that provide people in vulnerable situations with jobs. A young woman from an impoverished community in Ethiopia now has an avenue through a company to sell her jewelry and support her family. A woman who has broken out of a red light district – known for sex trafficking – in Kolkata, India finds safety under the wings of an organization that helps her learn how to craft beautiful blankets, stylish bags, and a better life. 

Food on the table, a roof over a family’s head, a woman with pride in her business, and companies that make this happen. 

Yes, please.

Both of my bracelets pictured above would look great with my outfit. They're from Noonday Collection (not an affiliate link).

I've also bought trendy, stackable brackets from Better Way Imports (also not an affiliate link).

Moms, in this season, when you are thinking of everyone else, don't forget yourself. Because you are doing amazing things. And it's good for you to occasionally be spoiled.

One more thing, I mentioned Dave Ramsay above. His book The Total Money Makeover made a huge impact on us. Learning how to stretch your dollar is a nice gift too.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping, dear friends.


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