Be Ready to Notice Your Unique Sacred Gesture This Holiday Season

My hand smoothed warm cheeks before I bent down and kissed my sons’ goodnight. The stairs creaked as I tiptoed down them to settle comfortably in my favorite zebra fabric chair at our dining room table. I felt my body relax into writing, the keys of my laptop feeling good against my fingers. The lights flickered on the Christmas tree. Out the window, I could see more lights dancing across my neighbor’s house. With a gentle click, I heard the heat click on warming the air around me. 

Then, my husband popped into the room, pausing in front of me… 

We exchanged a smile. 

It was a “we’re getting there, friend” smile. One of our sons was presented with a huge challenge that week. (The friend in me wants to hash out details, but the mom side of me wants my son to come home for Christmas as an adult, so I’ll refrain.) We didn’t solve his problems, we still weren’t confident how the situation would turn out, and we certainly didn’t have the kind of control we wish we did. But...we had a plan. Well, not really even a plan, more of a next step… Getting to the next step took lots of conversation, thought and prayer – but, we finally felt good about a direction. 

Then, I noticed – a hovering of warmth in the air. (And not just from the heating system.) It felt peaceful, nurturing…loving, even. It felt like the Holy Spirit. My heart heard, “Be still and know, that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

It was my Sacred Gesture for the day. See, I think our Creator daily extends each one of us a Sacred Gesture. This just-for-us, unique gesture reminds us of both His presence and His gifts to us. 

God reminded me of my gift of a great man to walk through life with. He also reminded me that all the answers don’t need to be laid out clearly in front of me…just the next right step. And seeing that step is a huge gift. 

This holiday season, when we have some time off of work and the routine to enjoy some slower days, I hope you see your sacred gesture. Actually…I hope you see all kinds of sacred gestures.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

Photo by Hamburger Arts on Unsplash

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