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Kids and School

One Thing Every Middle School Parent Should Know

When I was in middle school, my mom came and sat next to me for two class periods to, ahem, "encourage" me to behave. I didn't deal well with the big emotions of those transition years so I reached for quality coping strategies - disrespecting my teachers and acting out in class. (Nailed middle school.)
But, now I’m on the other side: my oldest son is starting these in-between years. Read on...

My Child Will Never Learn to Read

My oldest son cried every day for 2 years about it. Every day. It was horrific. I started to dread it... the 20 minutes every day his teacher said he must do it... Read. All through kindergarten reading time, he cried. By the middle of first grade, I started to cry too. Read on...

Raising Sons

To the Mother of all Boys

I am a mother of three boys. No daughters. Just three wonderful sons. So, I have always heard comments like:
Are you going to try for your girl?
Three boys... whoa... you must be tired.
Three boys. (Light-hearted laugh.) Man, I feel sorry for you. Read on...

When You Doubt Your Sons Learn Your Life Lessons

"I don't get it. What does chivalry mean?" My 9-year-old son asked me from the back seat of our van. His friend chimed in, "Yeah. Me too. I don't get it either..." Read on...

What I Told My Son About Girls

“What did you do today at recess?” I asked my eight-year-old son. “Played girl-chase-boy…” - he paused before continuing - “…except a girl never chased me.” My son looked down at his feet, shrugged his shoulders and muttered, “So I went off and did something else.” My heart quivered, then dropped to the floor. Read on to hear what I told my son about girls...

Teaching our Kids About God

Help Your Child Daily See and Feel God

"Freckle Face," an older boy had repeatedly called my son at recess. Of course, my son came home upset. How can two small words coming out of a thoughtless kid's mouth put a rift in all that we have been trying to teach our son about how valued and treasure and loved he is? Read on and download a free kid's devotional...

Creating Family Connection

One Easy Way to Get to Know Your Kid

Clean socks dwindled, food became scarce, and the house turned into a wretched state – there was so much to accomplish. But I had a blessed day at home to catch up and plow through my to-do list with tornado force. Then my quiet son, who holds his feelings close, interrupted me. He plopped down at the counter stool and poured out his thoughts."Mom, I've been wondering about..."
(Why now? Why wonder about this now? I have a list. I've got momentum going...) Read on...

One Way to Learn How Your Kids Feel Loved

You dropped one kid off at voice lessons, picked another up from swim team and the third you wrangled through homework with a few tears...from you. Do you get stuck in the busyness of life and occasionally find yourself wondering: Do I really know these people I live with? Read on...

A Lesson to Increase You and Your Kids' Happiness
“Mom, I hid in the bathroom because I was scared my teacher would make me read my paragraph in front of the whole class,” my son whispered in the safety of the dimly lit room as I tucked him into bed. He’s confident – where’s this terror-so-I-must-hide coming from?

{Deep breath.}

There are so many issues “out there” that seem to find us and stick, no matter who we are. Read on...

Making Everyday Life Easier

Get Your Kids Out the Door Happy and On Time with THIS

The terrible-horrible-very-bad-worst part of our morning is when I announce "Time to go!" We all simultaneously lose our brain cells. Read on...

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